Jason Vario Tops Skyy Knox

Beefy hunk Jason Vario tops muscly stud Skyy Knox in this sizzling duo from Hot House.

Skyy Knox is dressed in his business suit having a drink when he spills some on Jason Vario. Jason is upset and follows Skyy out to the alley demanding, ‘You made a mess, now clean it up,'. Doing as he's told, Skyy proceeds to lick the drink from Jason's bulging bicep and dirty boot. Skyy is turned on by the whole humiliation and makes his way up Jason's leg to his bulging crotch. Jason then unleashes his uncut beast and rams it down Skyy's throat, making the hunk gag. Skyy can't get enough of the monster cock and takes his time to suck on every inch of that boner.

Jason's instincts take over as he bends Skyy over a bench and rips his pants open for easy access to his fuck hole. Jason goes in and lubes Skyy up with his tongue before he rams his giant cock deep inside. Skyy loves that big dick, letting his hole get relentlessly pummelled and stretched as he's fucked harder and harder. Ready to blow, Jason pulls his throbbing cock out of the tight crack and goes ass to mouth in Skyy's eager throat. Skyy is satisfied knowing that he's given all the pleasure he can to the stud and they finish off kissing up Jason's load in the alley by the dumpster.

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